Welcome to Pete and Carmen's Salsa Dance Academy at Studio '65!
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Bachata/Cumbia Classes:
1st 4 Tuesdays, monthly, from 6:30pm to 8:00 pm

Salsa Classes:
1st 4 Wednesdays, monthly, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

•  To pre-register* for any class, click here.
* Pre-registrations limited to a maximum of 25 ppl/month for any class.  Walk-ins (with proof of full Covid-19 vaccination) will only be accepted up to the 25 student maximum for either class. Pre-registrations highly encouraged as it is the only way to assure you have a spot in any class.

•  Looking to check out live salsa music and other social salsa dance events?
Click here.

•  Curious about private 1:1 or group lessons, having us host a workshop at your office or company, private event, wedding, or other function? 
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If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line through our contacts page, and either Pete or Carmen will get back to you.

Latest Site Updates
•  Paypal payment functionality now up 'n running on the Classes Offered page.

Currently In Development
•  Creation of bachata and salsa student "checklists" detailing exactly what material we cover in each course so:
     • Expectations are clearly established from day one to help you succeed.
     • You know what material will be covered, and on what day, ensuring you get the most value for your hard-earned dollars
        from any of our classes.

all student in dance class
Come join us and

dance the night away!


In accordance with CDC guidelines and recommendations, and because our community's health and personal safety is our highest priority, PROOF OF FULL COVID-19 VACCINATION is required from all students.


The date on your 2nd vaccination must be greater than 2 weeks from your class' start date.


  • Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

  • A digital copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Card
    (for example, a picture of your card you keep on your phone in lieu of carrying your card around in your wallet or purse)

  • No exceptions will be given for any reason.  Please understand there can be no compromise when it comes to the health and safety of our students, as well as the community in which we live. 

  • As circumstances evolve with time, Studio '65 will continue to adapt its own policies in response to direction from the CDC and other healthcare organizations. 

  • We thank you in advance for your support & understanding during these challenging times.